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​REVIEW: Restoration Prayer Ministry Manual One is an insightful resource which presents a practical understanding of how individuals may systematically receive greater freedom in Christ.  This equipping manual is full of biblically based concepts, tools and prayers which will enable individuals, counsellors and leaders to more effectively help hurting people heal.  Apostle Jane Hamon, Vision Church at Christian International


Manual One: 222 pages
Leader's Guide: 36 pages

Prayer Card: 2 pages
Size: 8.5" x 11"

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Restoration Prayer Ministry Manual One  by Carlotta P. Waldmann, M.A.

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This manual is a complete guide to enable you to be healed,  set free and equipped to build your own restoration prayer ministry to others.  Learn how to minister more effectively to the most common issues.

  • Ministry insights
  • Restoration prayers
  • Resources and tools
  • Handouts and testimonies
  • Self-Tests
  • Forms and exhibits
  • Scripture prayer strategies
  • Mentoring Opportunities

RPM Manual One
Manual, Leader's Guide and Prayers