Why We Are Very Effective

I, Carlotta, had serious downward spirals in my own life that I couldn't stop, though I tried.  After 25 years as a mental health nurse and 10 years of Christian counseling, you would think some of it would have taken effect!!  When I was "coerced" by my Pastors to try restoration through prayer, I found out how to break the power of my own strongholds through the power of God and also found my calling.  After being certified with several ministries, I was seeing lives radically transformed in just a few days.  I always knew God had a plan for lasting results.

No matter how gifted you are in counseling, how many degrees, how much experience, etc., people will not be healed and set free without the power of God.  Why?  Example:  When people violate spiritual laws, no amount of counseling will make them exempt from reaping what they have sown.  They can analyze, re-decide, modify behavior, etc. but they will still reap what they have sown until they learn how to repent, renounce and ask forgiveness. 

When we learn to partner with God's Spirit of Counsel, His supernatural power will break the power of negative cycles, word curses, bitter expectations, etc.  We have supernatural words of knowledge, wisdom and prophetic words to discern root causes to surface issues. We have God's strategy to replace ungodly beliefs with godly beliefs.  Shattered identities are  replaced with oneness in Christ, purpose, vision and power to fulfill God's plans for us. 

Our scope: people who need healing prayer, people helpers, professionals, ministers, survivors and you!
 Thanks to Internet communications, we can mentor and minister to people from several continents in one day!   Our vision is to provide a place for you to experience lasting supernatural transformation, a more intimate relationships with God and to reproduce reproducers of reproducers of reproducers. Our mission:  We do this by offering healing, restoration, mentoring and training, whether one on one, in seminars, webinars, classes, consultation or in schools.  We hope you and your ministry teams will try Restoration Prayer Ministry and this mentoring program and be empowered to grow and minister the easy way.


Consultation for leaders:  We are also a para-church ministry dedicated to helping you fulfill your vision by offering our wisdom and insights to bring transformation to your team members.  We offer our assistance to leadership on a consultation basis to help define a godly strategy to make the weak places in your organization into strong points by the power of God.  Consultation is available to leaders, secular and Christian, by appointment.

Call between 9am-5pm central for more information or contact us to request an interview.




BIOs:  Carlotta Waldmann founded Cross Walk Life, Inc. in January of 2000 and has been teaching others how to be healed, free and to hear God's voice ever since.  She is a retired Mental Health Nurse, an ordained Minister of Counseling and holds a Masters in Biblical Studies with an emphasis in Christian Counseling. Carlotta has been certified in personal ministry with Christian International, Elijah House International and Proclaiming His Word Ministries, Int. She is known for her ability to hear God's voice and to minister effectively to tough cases.  She is available on consultation to other ministers.  Carlotta and Louis live in Santa Rosa Beach, FL and worship at Vision Church at Christian International Ministries.

Louis Waldmann is a licensed and ordained minister, certified with Christian International Business Network, in Prison Ministry, is a carpenter and is gifted in worship and words of knowledge.

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Carlotta and Louis Waldmann

Founders of Cross Walk Life, Inc.


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Founded: January 2, 2000

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