Giving to the Kingdom of God

Whether you are giving a one time offering, making a monthly donation or donating to Restoration Prayer Ministry, it is important to believe God for a good return as you sow into good ground.  

Years ago, we made several Kingdom decisions about giving that we still value today.

Principle 1: Give back to everyone who ministers to you in a significant way. 

Principle 2: Give as you will want others to give to you when you minister.

Principle 3: Sow into other vineyards and God will give you a vineyard.

Ways to donate online

Giving Online is easy and safe with PayPal automatic withdrawals. Scroll down the PayPal page to use your credit card instead.  Click the correct button, log in with an ID and Password and then click edit source of funds if you need to specify which source: i.e.: bank account, credit card or PayPal.  You never have to deposit any money into a PayPal account. 

​All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt from PayPal immediately. 

Good news!  PayPal reservations are immediate!   If you choose to use this PayPal tool to reserve RPM appointments with your credit card, your reservation will be secured and sent to us immediately.  DO NOT SEND DONATIONS TO RESERVE APPOINTMENT TIMES UNTIL AFTER WE AGREE ON TIMES. 

NOTE: If you prefer to use a debit card or to mail a check, your reservation will not post until it clears. This could take days and cause you to lose your first preference in dates because we cannot hold dates without a donation. 

Cross Walk Life, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (#59-3731836) and we can provide you with a deductible receipt in January, if you send us your name, address and Email address.

Donations by Mail or Phone
You may send a check or money order, made payable toCross Walk Life. Contact us to request our information. For receipting purposes, please write your return address is on the envelope or the check. (We do not recommend sending cash through the mail.)

You may also give to Cross Walk Life, Inc. by:


Volunteering your time and talents:  β€‹

  1. intercession or becoming a burden bearer for us
  2. proof reading posts, web pages and articles
  3. writing testimonies on our FB page or Cross Walk Talk Radio page
  4. sharing testimonies live on Cross Walk Talk Radio
  5. computer and web page building skills 


Material donations (also tax deductible)
  1. Christian books, printed resources and Bibles
  2. Bible programs and resources for computer use
  3. Office supplies and printing materials
  4. Computer supplies and business programs