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Mentoring opportunities

We are delighted to offer mentoring by phone, Internet, Skype, or in person at your site or ours.  Mentoring is important for those who are called to the ministry, business, education, media, government, arts, marketplace ministry, and everyone who is called to include ministry in their business and outreaches.

Our purpose is to provide a place for you to receive unconditional love, wisdom and insight so that you will develop such an intimate relationship with God, that you can  be transformed and impart His restoration and transformation to others, who will be able to better fulfill their callings, with adequate healing, freedom mentoring and training. 

We are available to be a Christian mentor for you or your ministry teams
, on site at your ministry or with mentoring for ministry internships here at Cross Walk Life. If you have ministers or team candidates who are called and gifted to minister, we are available to train them, if they meet the pre-requisites.  See our requirements for mentoring and internships on our main mentoring pages atCross Walk Life.

Most people begin mentoring with follow up appointments after receiving RPM.  They continue to submit issues and ungodly beliefs for healing and deliverance.  They learn to tear down personal strongholds using our audio course and manual on CD.   As they begin attending NowFaith.TV, they send in a paragraph of testimony homework after viewing each video and I reply in writing or in phone appointments. They participate in our conversations and testify on Facebook and on Cross Walk Talk Radio, our online talk show. You can host a seminar or webinar for your small group or teams whether they are small or large.

We are happy to offer MEGA Weekend training and activations for your teams.  See the form to apply to be a training host on our main seminar page.



Mentoring for Maturity