Why Restoration Prayer Ministry works better


You can't heal your heart with your head; you can't heal spiritual problems with analysis. What we do is not talking it to death, rewriting history or behavior modification.   God has shown us how to offer an integrated ministry, including His revelations given to many ministries.  Restoration Prayer Ministry (RPM) is the most thorough ministry available with follow-up appointments and mentoring.  Our alumni can continue a growing lifestyle with a godly strategy for mentoring, training, activations, ongoing education and residential internships. 

We begin with a strong start in cooperation with the supernatural power of God. 
We take a 6 hour history of the patterns and blockages in your spirit, soul and body.

1. We hear God's voice for the root symptoms and causes and His strategies.
2. We partner with God to break the power of long standing destructive patterns.
3. We renounce the deceptions and ungodly beliefs blocking your true identity.
4. We break the power of word curses, bitterroot judgments and expectations.
5. We invite Holy Spirit to heal hurts and memories that have been suppressed.
6. We bring lasting deliverance from bondages and spiritual oppression.
7. We bring alignment of your identity, personal purpose and the power of God.

Restoration Prayer Ministry is NOT a one time fix; it's a life style of growing in freedom.
Once you are healed and free, you will be ready for mentoring and training.  You may come in person or make appointments by phone or free Skype.com or ooVoo.com.  We are equal distance between the NW FL Beaches Airport and the Fort Walton Beach, FL airport.  
*** BUT FIRST READ THE LIST on the right in order to learn how to get more information, request a phone interview and to set appointment times, BEFORE you send the application or buy airline tickets.   

Restoration Prayer Ministry
In just 6 three hour appointments  


First steps to apply:

  • Read the 4 articles about RPM
  • 10 page application and costs
  • Request a phone interview
  • Agree on appointment times
  • Make reservations by donating
  • Sign / send the 10 page application
  • Read "Restoration Prayer Ministry Manual One" by Carlotta P. Waldmann
  • Prepare your heart in prayer