Transformation of the Inner Man semester one.  (Can order as a used book.)
Restoration Prayer Ministry Manual One learn how to minister restoration.

Read the first two books during the first semester in order to get the maximum
out of 
the class videos or audios. You may burn all the classes to DVDs or CDs
and and 
print all the articles and prayers for a ministry notebook. 


Healing Women's Emotions because every minister will minister to women.
The Bait of Satan is a must for all  Christians to maintain their own freedom.

Breaking Intimidation key to walking the walk  in faith, free of intimidation.

Search for Significance with workbook  for renouncing ungodly beliefs.

I will recommend other books as we go, but these are must reads in order
to receive and maintain your healing and deliverance on an ongoing basis.


HOMEWORK: The homework, for each class is to email a testimony of Holy Spirit's work in your life after you prayed the prayer for that class.  Your testimony must be less than one page and include a balance of your ISSUE BEFORE, the PRAYER you prayed and the RESULTS after you prayed. Credit will only be given for a testimony of how God worked in YOUR OWN LIFE and the result. 

Be sure to write  Homework # _ (Class Title)___ in the subject line so my Outlook Express will file it correctly on my computer and so that it will not be deleted. Keep a copy of each homework assignment in your loose leaf notebook for your quick reference as you minister to others in the future.

MINISTRY TRIPS: We are invited to hold seminars for other ministries. Please contact us if you would like to go, can pay your own way (travel, room and board) and assist our ministry team every day, serving us and our host ministry or business.

SEMINARS: We would like to do seminars in your area. Please CLICK BELOW to schedule a seminar.  We are a para-church ministry and hope to be of service to you by offering healing, mentoring and training to your existing local teams or potential teams. CLICK HERE for Restoration Prayer Ministry Training information.

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