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BIO:  Carlotta Waldmann founded Cross Walk Life, Inc. in 2000 and has been teaching others how to hear God's voice to minister ever since. She is a Bible College educator, retired Registered Nurse, holds a Masters in Biblical Studies.  Carlotta has been certified in personal ministry with Christian International, Elijah House International and Proclaiming His Word. She and her husband, Louis, are both ordained ministers, live in Santa Rosa Beach, FL and worship at Vision Church at Christian International Ministries.

Carlotta has a heart to teach the nations in every way possible and does so via radio, her Internet broadcasts, YouTube, videos, live training and activation seminars. She has an itinerant Para-church ministry, teaching and training ministry teams for churches. In 2006, Carlotta was certified to join the global teaching team to teach "How to Hear God's Voice" for Christian Leadership University.

She is also known for her strong prophetic gift, Restoration Prayer Ministry, Tearing Down Personal Strongholds series and teaching the Elijah House School of Prayer Counseling Ministry. Her personal purpose is to provide insights so that everyone will have an intimate relationship with God, know their true identity "in Christ" and be equipped to manifest the power of God.

Please visit her major web sites at - Library of articles
www.NowFaith.TV - Video / Audio Ministry Training School online

Train your own Prayer Ministry Team for more effective personal ministry and discipleship. This training is ideal for professional counselors, Pastoral staff, altar ministers and prayer ministers who often minister to one issue at a time. In just 12-16 hours, you can receive teaching, training and activation in Issue-Focused Restoration Prayer Ministry and learn how to minister to spiritual roots versus surface symptoms.

Learn how to identify the most common "open doors" to ungodly beliefs, hurts and bondage and the correlating keys to freedom. Practice more thorough prayer strategies that will increase your effectiveness. You will be activated in more effective ministry, bringing healing and freedom to one issue during your small group practice, immediately after observing live demonstrations and instruction!

Restoration Prayer Ministry
Webinars and Seminars


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What teaching to expect on day one:

How to identify the most common problem areas in prayer ministry
How to break the power of ungodly agreements with the enemy
How to own your spiritual power and authority to set people free
How to take a short history to discern what is blocking their freedom
How to discern the keys to close their open doors to the enemy
How to minister to eight most common problem areas effectively
Teaching and demonstration of all eight restoration prayers

What training and activation to expect on day two:

How to discern your prayer ministry strategy for this issue
How to break the power of word curses, generational curses, ungodly soul ties, inner vows, and long term sowing and reaping cycles
How to help them replace ungodly beliefs with godly beliefs
How to invite Jesus to touch fears, walls, hurts and trauma
How to break the power of demons, devils and bondages
How to minister deliverance after closing these open doors
How to pray for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit
How to pray maintenance prayers in order to gain more freedom.

Issue-Focused Restoration Prayer Ministry Training

Would you like to attend or host a 2 day webinar to learn how to pray Issue-Focused Restoration Prayer Ministry prayers on one issue? Each person will pray all the prayers for their seminar partner (not spouse) concerning the one issue the partner chooses. All who register will receive the Leader's Guide and Prayers PDF needed for the seminar. The webinar can be done using FREE Skype or FREE With ooVoo you can include up to 11 people from other locations too. Skype or ooVoo can be downloaded to your smart phone or other devices.