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Most survivors feel like they gave their heart away and never got all of it back.  They wonder if they have a real personal identity or if it is too fractured to be put back together. Are parts of you lost or somewhere else? You may have ties or bonds with people who are abusive.  Do you feel ambivalent about loving relationships, normal sex or even appropriate touch?   Worse yet, you may have been told that you do or say things or are associated with people or entities that you do not remember.

Some survivors have been able to dissociate from the pain of repeated abuse by creating another place for their mind to go during trauma.  You may have other parts of you who are in pain, stuck in time, conflicted and need healing too.  You may fear that some parts need deliverance of hatred, unforgiveness, lust or suicidal thoughts.  You may hear noise in your head when the other parts are all talking at the same time.   Jesus wants to bring healing and wholeness to every part of you.

Many report emotions, values or desires in their soul that are in serious conflict with their spiritual life: fear of intimacy and desperation for it, fear of attention or craving it, walls or no boundaries, etc.  Others may have accused you of being inconsistent because you behave like you are another person or zoned out sometimes.  You may have a love hate relationship with yourself, the opposite sex or even God Himself.

You may have dreams of searching for the missing parts of your life or flashbacks of having terrifying experiences that you do not remember.  You may have had years of blocked memories or hours / days of lost time.  You may not know if you are ready to know what memories you may have suppressed, what may have happened, if the dreams are real memories or if the person who is victimized in the dream is you.

If you are visiting us because you need healing for a fractured or wounded identity, you have been led to the right place.  Years ago, I received a prophecy saying that I have a mantle for ministry to survivors of abuse, people who are dissociated (DID) and for multiple personalities (MPD.)  God connected me with survivors all over the world.  Holy Spirit taught me how He supernaturally takes the pain away, makes broken hearts whole again and enables us  all to be free to trust and to be one in spirit with ourselves, others and God.  It is my pleasure to partner with Him for your healing, restoration and freedom.  The links on the right will take you to our main home site on a new page.  Y'all come back, ya hear!

Most people who begin Restoration Prayer Ministry (RPM) do not know what all of their issues are or exactly what they need.  You may be sure you never got appropriate affection, affirmation or appreciation or never had a sense of control, safety, certainty, identity or value.  If you are looking for answers; you are not alone.

Healing for Survivors

Restoring fractured identities


Good news!  We have had tremendous success by showing survivors how to take all these problem areas, in the heart, mind, will and body to Jesus.  Supernaturally, He takes the pain out of the memories, replaces the lies with His Truth, fixes our trusters and makes our weak places strong.  Mental health professionals ask us, "How do you do it?"  I say, "I listen to Holy Spirit and partner with Him as He does it.  Only He is able to make us all one again, with ourselves, with others and with Him.