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Issue-Focused Ministry Activation - 1-2 days 
Train your own Prayer Ministry Team for more effective ministry and discipleship. This training is ideal for Pastoral staff, altar ministers, prayer counseling ministers and employee assistance staff who often minister to one issue at a time. In just 12 hours you can receive teaching, training and activation in Restoration Prayer Ministry and learn how to minister to root issues versus surface symptoms.  Instruction, demonstration and activations included in each session.


Personal Prophetic Ministry Training 1-2 days 
How to Hear God's Voice for Personal Prophetic Ministry.
Learning how to hear God's voice for others will be "the first day of the rest of your life!" Learning how to hear God's voice for others is key to every type of ministry and business alike. Each session has 45 minutes of teaching and 45 minutes of ministry activation where you will practice ministering God's Rhema words to other students. Your faith will grow by leaps and bounds as you find that you can get accurate words of wisdom, words of knowledge and prophetic words in this corporate prophetic anointing. Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice."
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"Carlotta's Search to Hear God's Voice"

Understanding Your Personality Style - 1 day
The number one reason many people fail is that they cannot get along with others. Identify your personality style, your strengths, fears and weaknesses. Learn how you impact others, how to best relate to leaders with other styles and how to lead people with other styles. Host this training seminar for your membership and Christian Counselors. Enjoy more effective fulfilling relationships! Take the DISC Insights Test and receive pages of insights from The Institute for Motivational Living.  Learn to quickly assess how to adjust your personality style to be more compatible with team members or leaders who have other personality styles. 

Personal Purpose Seminar - 4 hrs for every four people 
The purpose of these workshops is to assist you in writing and communication your personal purpose, based on a clear understanding of your own core qualities and what you are motivated to offer to others, regardless of your environment.  Personal purpose is not the same as your calling, vocation or gifting.  Knowing your personal purpose will enable you to live a more meaningful life as you understand your God-given motivations and make conscious choices that line up with your purpose. Call to schedule your group.  This seminar can be done in person, by phone or using free or where up to 12 can participate on video. 

​​Tearing Down Personal Strongholds - 5 - 8 meetings
In 5 - 8 meetings, we carefully learn to discern eight of the most common strongholds, that every member can see their particular way of manifesting each stronghold. Strongholds are structures in our life that we know are not God's best for us but seem impossible to change.  Overcome personal strongholds like incurable illness, unforgiveness, jealousy, rejection cycles, fear, anxiety, accusation, charismatic witchcraft, pride and religious control. Learn how to respond in the Spirit in new ways, instead of reacting with the same old automatic reactions.  This course, in person, by download or on computer CD, includes a 70 page manual of handouts and scriptures to pray until victory is sure. Click picture for details.
This seminar is a great precursor to revival!

Healing for Fractured Identities - 1-2 days
Experience deeper wholeness as you practice praying 8 prayers with a partner. They are tailored to heal fractured identities from all kinds of abuse, rejection, abandonment or damaged self-esteem.

* Breaking patterns of loyalty to abuse

* Breaking chains of ungodly soul ties

* Replacing negative fearful expectations

* Renouncing inner vows born out of hurt

* Releasing your shut down emotions

* Breaking word curses (by us or by others)

* Deliverance from bondage and oppression

* Maintaining your freedom prayers

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